Aarons Story

In October of 2008, my gardener Aaron was dying of terminal, late-stage HIV/AIDS complicated by TB and Candida (Thrush) which had infected his mouth, throat, and stomach making it impossible for him to eat or drink anything. After blood work was taken the hospital advised him that he had but days to live and should go home to say his goodbyes. As he was too weak to even walk and had to be carried in to the hospital, our foreman insisted that the hospital make a bed available so as to make his last days as comfortable as possible - which they did, but apart from a re-hydration drip, he received no medication in the form of either anti-retrovirals or treatment for the thrush and TB.

As it happened I was talking to a brilliant chemist/scientist and friend of mine who had invented a compound he called Vulcan Silver which had already proven to be effective against several highly infectious diseases. I decided to administer it to Aaron as a Hail Mary. We had some shipped through express and started treating Aaron with maximum doses. In order to monitor improvements, we also started taking regular blood work which was analysed by an accredited pathology lab.

15 October 2008

To our absolute astonishment, within two days Aaron’s thrush had cleared completely and he was able to take fluids and solids. Several days later he was able to get out of bed, start walking unaided and was able to return home. A few weeks later he was able to resume his daily activities.

Between October 2008 and December 2009 he took only Vulcan Silver to treat his HIV. He also made considerable changes to his lifestyle - he stopped smoking and drinking alcohol and started eating a well-balanced diet. It is perhaps also important to note that during the year following his escape from certain death he tested negative for TB and showed no signs of opportunistic infections despite the fact that South Africa had gone through two severe seasonal changes that resulted in widespread flu outbreaks. His condition steadily improved and in December of 2009 he was in perfect health and left my employ to go home and be with his family in KZN.

November 2009





Good Day
I have question about Vulcan
Can Vulcan Silver be used to fight the Corona virus


Hi ! Im tired of taking antibiotics this is almost over 25yrs . Ihave venous ulcer over 25yrs , laryngitis sore throat , lung infection, tb , fibromyalgia , backache , kidney and bladder infection , osteoarthritis and bodyaches .Please i need your help.


Waar kan ek meer te wete kom oor die produk.

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