Viral Infections

I tested positive for both strains of Coxsackie B2 and B5 in June 2012. In Nov 2013, I tested positive for Epstein Barr virus, better known as Glandular fever. Both viruses cause similar symptoms. After being very sick with swollen glands, fever, night sweats and feeling very tired for long periods, the virus hides in ones immune system then every time when your body is under stress and being tired, these viruses would enter the cells and replicate, thus cause swollen glands and general tiredness long after the initial infection and can last up to years until one's immune system is strong enough to work the virus out. Since June 2012 I have been struggling with swollen glands and general tiredness almost every second week. In the beginning of August 2014, one of my colleagues from work handed me a bottle of Vulcan Silver. I was desperate to try anything and immediately started to drink half a teaspoon of Vulcan Silver in half a glass of water every morning. In the middle of August I was part of the first NICD team to set up a diagnostic laboratory in Sierra Leone to help with the fight against Ebola. I was taking Vulcan Silver every day, had no swollen glands - even though we were working for 6 weeks, 7 days a week and between 12 to 14 hours per day. I am still taking Vulcan Silver and will recommend it to anyone that wants to boost their immune system.

- Chantel Le Roux

Unlike bacterial infections many viruses can hide within the body and often the best you can do is control flare ups and keep the blood free of viruses to prevent replication.


For chronic flare ups:  Shake bottle vigorously and extract 2.5ml with either pipette or spoon provided. Administer 3 times daily on an empty stomach until flare up has subsided. To prevent flare ups it is recommended that you take a maintenance dose daily which consists of 2.5ml in the evening on an empty stomach.