Wound Healing

After 2 weeks in the hospital, the arm is heavily infected with drug-resistant bacteria, and sepsis had set in. 

After 8 weeks using Vulcan Silver, these results were achieved. No antibiotics, no VAC treatment, and no skin grafts.


Vulcan Silver will keep wounds infection free and speed up wound healing.

FOR SCRAPES AND SCRATCHES: Shake the bottle vigorously then immediately apply a little liquid to the affected area, even your finger will do. Repeat several times a day until wound is healed.

FOR CUT AND GASHES: Shake bottle vigorously and use the supplied pipette to extract the amount of Vulcan Silver required to apply to the absorbent pad, place over the wound and secure with a bandage or simply use a plaster with an absorbent pad that will cover the wound. Replace the dressing every 24-48 hours as required until the wound is healed.

FOR GAPING WOUNDS: Do not shake the bottle and make sure all active Vulcan Silver has settled to the bottom of the bottle. Using the supplied pipette make sure the tip is touching the bottom of the bottle then extract the concentrated liquid. Apply generously to the affected area making sure none of the concentrate escapes.  Make sure to dress wound in such a way as to avoid any loss of Vulcan Silver to the wound. Secure dressing and repeat every 24-48 hours as required until the wound has fully healed.