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SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Vulcan Silver is the world's most powerful anti-microbial able to defeat the deadliest, most exotic, and drug-resistant pathogens rapidly and safely. 

QUICK ACTING: When taken on an empty stomach it is rapidly absorbed so it goes to work quickly

PAIN RELIEF: A natural high potency anti-inflammatory that can rapidly relieve neuropathy and other inflammatory pains associated with arthritis, diabetes, and numerous auto-immune disorders.

APPLICATIONS: Fungal, viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections. Rapid wound healing and disinfection. 

SHIPPING: Courier only, FREE to all South African citizens. For International Shipping please contact Neil on +27 (0) 62 015 4307 via message or WhatsApp to obtain a quote.

INGREDIENTS: Each 50ml bottle contains 500mg Clustered Nano Silver suspended in a distilled water dispersion. 

ACCREDITATIONS: Vulcan Silver is a patented complementary medicine in South Africa. Vulcan Silver is manufactured in the UK according to international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)